Gifts that Bloom

New Home Garden Grocan


Welcome friends, family, or yourself to a new chapter of life with our New Home Garden Grocan! This charming kit is designed to infuse warmth, life, and a touch of nature into any new living space, making it the perfect gift for any new homeowner.
What's Inside:
Cosmos seeds
Peat pellet (soil)
Biodegradable fiber pot
Easy-to-follow planting instructions
?? Blooms of Possibility: Cosmos flowers symbolize harmony, peace, and the beauty of new beginnings, making them the perfect choice for a new home. As these vibrant blooms grow, they'll fill the space with color, joy, and the promise of endless possibilities.
?? Thoughtful and Eco-Friendly: Show your love for the planet and the new homeowner with this eco-friendly gift. From the biodegradable fiber pot to the sustainable planting materials, every element of the New Home Garden Grocan is designed with both beauty and the environment in mind