Mary Square

Neutral Mended Soul Platter


Just like the Lord’s promise in Ecclesiastes 3:11, the Mended Soul Planter conveys the beauty of life's healing process. By piecing together its broken shards into a beautiful mosaic design, this planter represents how God takes our broken pieces and puts us back together, piece by broken piece, and fills in the cracks with His love.

This planter is the perfect healing gift for yourself or a loved one!

  • Ceramic planter
  • Planter dimensions: 4"D x 4"H
  • Features drainage hole with rubber stopper
  • Comes ready to gift with the Mended Soul poem!

The Mended Soul Poem:
“Broken into pieces, hearts once shattered and laid bare, now beat with praise for God’s painstaking rescue and repair. Healing is assured though scars remain and cracks persist. Resulting in a masterpiece that would never exist… Without the blessed fragments left by suffering and pain, remnants now refashioned into beauty that remains.” – Beverly Carroll